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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 19, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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eeeee you are going to join us. >> say it again? >> on friday. >> you love the sound of that?
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>> we all do. >> thanks for joining us. mike will look at the forecast, right now. >> absolutely, on this friday, absolutely. good morning, everyone, here is live doppler 7 hd and it is dry this morning. no reports of drizzle or mist and maybe along the coast this morning, over the next couple of hours. as we look at sausalito, all the way to san francisco you can see the cloud cover hugging the coast and around the golden gate bridge in the afternoon hours. it will be warm to hot inland from 83 in the north bay and south bay to 97 in the east bay valley and an the bay a ten degree spread from 73 to 83 and cool to comfortable at the coast in san francisco from 60 to 68 and now the traffic. leyla gulen? >> we have a brand new accident to report right now and this is the first of the morning. we do not have too much traffic out there so folks could be taking their liberties and going too fast the we have a two-car crash but first we have construction southbound 880, and we have lanes blocking and cones
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are picked up as we speak and headed into fremont southbound 880 we have this resting on the shoulder, so it is not blocking any lanes and we are at top speeds and not seeing too much traffic. here is a look at the oakland maze and that drive, also, moving along well as you make it to the bay bridge. eric? >> thank you, breaking news from the east bay where an off-duty sheriff deputy shot and killed an attempted robbery suspect in alameda, a look at the scene right now, at the bonfare market on high street near santa clara avenue. investigators say to men tried to problem the store just before 11:00 last night and an off-duty deputy was in the store, shot and killed one of suspects and a search is underway for the second second who got away. police are combing the neighborhood looking for the man. abc7 news reporter is gathering new information at the seen and we will check with her at bottom
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of the hour. >> in the asiana flight 214 a report says one of the young victims was indeed alive when she was hit by a fire vehicle. the mayor coroner is holding a news conference this morning and abc7 news reporter matt keller has new details. matt? >> the plane wreckage is still here at sfo although the ntsb has wrapped up the on-scene investigation by, today, we are expected to find out the exact cause of death for one of the three victims. police and fire officials confirm that 16-year-old ye mengyuan was hit and killed by a fire truck responding to the scene of the crash and the runway was covered with folk. today the san mateo coroner is holding a press conference to announce the cause and manner of her death. the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting two sources close to the investigation confirmed that she was alive when hit. the sources say the coroner investigators determine she dried of trauma as a result of being hit by a vehicle. that is ye mengyuan.
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they say it is not known which vehicle hit the girl but most were san francisco fire trucks stationed at the airport. as for the wreckage, the airline is paying $15,000 to sfo to store the wreckage. >> matt, thank you. oakland police say they are determined to solve the senseless measure defer an 8-year-old girl who was shot during a sleepover at her best friend's house in the diamond district. alaysha carradine was hit and killed by one of several bullets fired through the front door when night and her seven-year-old friend, the four-year-old brother and the grandmother were also hit. police chief says that the investigators have some leads but need the help of witnesses to catch the shooter. police are offering a $25,000 reward to catch the shooter. >> new photos of emerging of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev released by a police photographer angry over the "rolling stone" magazine
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cover that featured him. the report is next. >> in sharp contrast to this image on the issue of "rolling stone" magazine new photos show a different side to the only surviving boston marathon bombing suspect. following a police chase, the day his brother was killed in a shootout with police, he emerged from the boat where he was hiding injured and floody raising his shirt to show he has no weapon. the images were captured by a police photographer moments before he was taken into custody. in one you can see the laser sites of snipers on his forehead. they were posted on thursday in response to the controversial cover photo on "rolling stone" magazine and called this an "insult to survivors of the bomb ing." >> massachusetts state police say that murphy was relieve of daughter for a day because he was not authorized to release the photos. >> a former san francisco crime
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laboratory technician will be sentenced after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of cocaine possession in march and nation as year in prison the she was previously tried ties on felony charges after admitting she took small amounts of cocaine from the laboratory. both trials ended with a hung jury. the 63-year-old worked for 29 years in the crime laboratory before the resignation in 2009. her case compromised hundreds of drug prosecutions in the san francisco court system. >> transients charged with setting a fire that destroyed a landmark business is set to be arraigned on arson charges. the surveillance video shows the 53-year-old man setting bales on fire outside the feed store on saturday. the feed store opened 80 years ago and is the longest-running business. >> the united states attorney's office in san francisco has announce add $3.5 million settlement in a doctor kickback lawsuit. st. louis based drugmaker agreed
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to settle the law that alleged it illegally paids doctors to prescribe out of date antidepress ans and sleep aid to medicare and medicaid patients. the prosecution says a former employee of the pharmaceutical company filed a charge in 2008 under the false claims act. the majority of the settle is used to fund various programs such as medicare and medicaid. >> san francisco supervisors are consider coming measures to cut down on rising bicycle theft and the supervisor calls a special hearing last night to address the problem. bicycle stealing is up 70 percent since 2006 with 817 attempted or reported thefts on record last year but police think the actual number is five times higher. san francisco is considering a local voluntary bicycle registry or a special police unit. >> trail is being threatened at a tourist destination a few miles from palm springs and
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forcing evacuation of 6,000 residents and tourists which has grown to 35 square miles and destroyed half dozen homes. flames reached a ridge above one town yesterday and firefighters were using airdrops to fight the fire through the night for the first time since the 19 80's, and the fire now is about 15 percent contained. >> we have clouds out there this morning but we will warm up, right? >> at 10:00, inland will be in the sunshine and 11:00 around the bay and we will get pockets of sun at the coast. around san francisco, from forest hill at 51 to downtown at 55 degrees and most of us right around the 53 to 54 degrees. same at richmond at 55. american canyon, though, correct, union city, palo alto, all 57. belmont around 55 degrees and 51 at petaluma.
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that is the cooler area. pittsburg is warmer at 59. next 12 hours, clouds are thinner but they out there and we have low-to-upper 50's and by noon, 80 inland and 66 around the bay and the coast so you will need a coat and 60 at 4:00 in our coastal communities and 78 around the bay and 90 inland and everyone should be pleasant to cool as you head to the coast dug the knowledge -- to the coast during the evening. on monday low clouds in the morning and high clouds in the afternoon and a few degrees cooler than today. >> in alameda, amy has been reporting a shooting that is shutting down lanes and streets. high street will be shut down until noon between lincoln and central avenue. use a detour around that. this is shut down, again, until noon today so quite a few hours from now. and this accident is on the right hand side causing slowing
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and spectators are out there southbound 880, and stay slow as you continue south of this area. the drive time traffic 580 westbound from tracy to dublin is 15 minutes to get you there from antioch to con court at 16 minutes and 101 headed from san rafael to san francisco, that is 16-minute drive. >> seaworld is on the defensive against hollywood, the bloomberg business report is next. >> also, the colorado couple who found love amid the the nation's worst tragedies. >> new video in philadelphia and chilling moments before a building collapses but, first, the tech bytes. >> getting paid for unlog your phone, the idea of the young executives behind a new app that delivers ads to the phone locked screen and you can earn a cent every time and cash out and put it on a gift card or donate. nasa is taking pictures of the
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earth and will snap it with the spacecraft which is exploring saturn so the image will be from 898 million miles away. california beaches lead the nation for social networking and the top three most checked in benches on facebook are in the golden date
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, and this is abc7 news. >> new video shows the moment a building collapsed killing six petroleum in florida and top peopled on a salvation army thrift store. a surveillance video camera captured the footage and you can see it right there and this is shared with investigators. a heavy equipment operator faced manslaughter charges. police say three was high on marijuana at the time of the tragedy. >> the new york state attorney general is investigating a complaint by dozens of families displaceed by super storm sandy saying the red cross is not coming through after receiving $300 million in donations and by june they spent $225 million and this is a broader review of san difficult relief spending with $570 raised by 50 clarities and almost 40 percent remains
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unspent. >> this week, two survivors of the colorado movie shooting massacre hope to turn the terrifying memory positive and the one year anniversary in aurora will be marked by a couple getting married to change the meaning of the day and make it their own. he shielded davis with his body and it took months to recover and much of the time with davis at his side. >> fellow bargain hunters, we want an early jump on back-to-school shopping. >> and here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> seaworld killer instincts are out and is defending against a new film that claims confinement makes the whales violent. black fish document the life of a 12,000 pound that was implicated in the deaths of three. in the movie the trainers accuse seaworld of coverup and they say the film is flawed and without access humans would be denied the connection to the
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large intelligent animals. the movie is happy about the extra p.r. and opened in some movie theaters today. >> you have started color back-to-school shopping yet in a survey says that 29 percent of households have started their back-to-school shopping and less than 33 percent who already were shopping last year at this time and a growing number of hoping to boy as discount stores. >> researchers at stanford have a breakthrough in cell technology. the small squares the size of a finger nail contain billions of gold nano dots sitting on a layer thinner than a sheet of paper and scientists were able to tweet the d.o.t.s into a pattern allowing it to capture light from a wavelengths. >> we make that pattern completely a certain color and
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make it go into the small gold dots. >> the next trick is to have the coating absorb light from the entire light spectrum from visible to infrared light but is still queers away from the marketplace and it has the potential to make solar cells cheaper and more efficient. >> you can not finish that in five hours and take advantage of the sun today? >> exactly. people at my house were look at solar panels but nothing like that. that would be nice. now, what is going on, because it is flow, the sunshine. grab it while you can. absolutely, lower the electric bill if you can afford it. here we go looking at live doppler 7 hd at the solar panel and we are seeing clear conditions out there and i have fought heard of a report of drizzle but if you have some let me know. the winds at fairfield you can see the sea breeze is 17 miles per hour, and the same as it was
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yesterday, at 15 miles per hour. so we will get sunshine maybe at the same pace and maybe quickers today, as the clouds are not so numerous and from our camera you can see it is quiet from the embarcadero to the ferry building, and we will talk about how it will be hot inland remain what armed the bay, but, head to our beaches and it will be mild to cool at a few beaches enemy the ones that stay cloudy to the weekend. do not worry about a "spare the air" day our air quality is fine everywhere although some do not like to make the drive with a "spare the air" day. storms are possible next week the we will keep an eye on that next week. we are starting to see the day unfold in the east bay valley and you can see a ribbon of cloud cover through there and 24 coming from walnut creek around lafayette headed to orinda. now, temperatures today are seven degrees warmer-than-average in livermore and three in napa so the further inland you go the more likely
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you are to be warmer-than-average. and redwood city is a couple of degrees of normal. the cloud cov pulls out by noon and we will be sunny with sun developing along the coast. temperatures erupting mainly in the 80's in our inland and south bay and 70's throughout most of the bay and upper 60's at the coast and san francisco. we will drop back in the 50's overnight. will you be joining us for the aids walk on sunday morning? it will be chilly in the beginning as you would expect in san francisco at 54 degrees and a break in the sunshine at 11:00 and 57, and 60 at 1:00 o'clock and upper 50's by 3:00. the seven-day forecast shows warmest tomorrow and sunday, a lot like today and temperatures are close to average next week but i have kept the rain out of forecast for now. i will update that for you on monday morning. now, the traffic. leyla gulen?
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>> thanks, mike, we have a stalled tanker truck in the santa cruz mountains and not where you want to have one those blocking a lane southbound highway 17 near the lexington resolution very. we do not have delays but we have a little bit of slowing the further south you go but it will take time to get out of there so prepare and give yourself a few extra minutes before you head out. this construction project is extended another hour, eastbound 580 between saab ramon road and this area we will have a few lanes locked until 6:00 a.m. this morning. the westbound side of 588, though, that is packed already making the drive from the altamont pass and into livermore and pleasanton looking at 15-minute drive. in san jose, it will be 101 coming away from 880 and the drive to the san jose airport looking heavier at this hour and you are moving along at top speed. >> thank you, at 5:20. seven things to know as you start the day.
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>> blue are just joining us or have been with us, seven things to know. a search is underway for two suspects that tried to problem a bonfare market on high street and were shot. one was killed. abc7 news aamy hollyfield has an update this a few minutes. >> a $25,000 reward is being offered now to catch whoever shot an 8-year-old girl.
5:24 am
alaysha carradine was killed by one of several bullets fired into an oakland home on wednesday night, and two other children and their grandmother are recovering from their wounds. >> three, one of the teen girls whether died after the asiana flight 214 crash was alive when she was hit by an emergency vehicle after the crash according to the "san francisco chronicle" quoting two sources close to the investigation. abc7 news reporter matt keller has more at to which the hour. >> walnut creek police have arrested two squatters and are looking for three more following a raid on a multimillion dollar house, and vote girls say the home is for sale and was empty if a few weeks and one man claimed he was leasing the home the. >> five, new photos are emerging of boston marathon bombing suspect before three was taken into today showing with him a sniper's laser beach on his forehead released by a police photographer angry over the "rolling stone" covering featuring the suspect. >> it looks the same from the
5:25 am
exploritorium camera as it did yesterday with warmer wet on way and i will tell you how hot it will be for the outdoor plans and the seven-day forecast. >> seven, at look at the bay bridge toll plaza, friday lite, with not too much in the way of accidents but we have a big closure where amy hollyfield is reporting from with the details ahead. >> thanks. this morning, britain's daily still is reporting that today is the due date for kate and the paper says hospital staff were told in preparation for the royal baby's birth and the buzz has been raised at the tea room. a boy or a girl? the baby will be third in line to a throne because of a change in british law. >> if it is a girl and they have a boy, i am very excited about the girl will be the queen. i wanted it to be born on my birthday but now we just want it to be born safe.
5:26 am
awe are wondering about the name. >> there is lots of speculation the front runners are alexandra for a girl and george for a boy. everyone has an opinion. >> your opinion here take as back seat to objective measure and here is a record for the fastest drummer. the world record was broken for the most single strokes in a minute 1,2303. that means his hands were moving more than 20 times per second for a full minute! >> mike is a drummer and he we is impressed.
5:27 am
>> new money trouble for an ambulance that provides service to the south bay. >> and a new settlement with
5:28 am
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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> alameda county sheriff deputies are looking for a robber who got away during a late-night hold up at a grocery store. another suspect was shot and killed by an off-duty deputy who happened to be on the scene. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on the scene. amy? >> yes, kristen, the search is on. they believe a man is on the run and they do believe that he has a gunshot wound. police say two armed men held up the bonfare market last night in alameda on high street at 10:30
5:30 am
and what they did not know was an off-duty sheriff deputy was in thereshipping. police say the deputy ended up shooting both men and one of them died. one escaped with two clerks on duty at the store when this happened. police will investigate and determine officially if this was a screwed shooting but as of right now they say it looks like the deputy did the right thing. >> at first glance i would say that if the deputy didn't save someone's life he could have saved someone from getting seriously injured because each of these robbers was a armed with a weapon. >> police are not sure if the suspect is on foot or if he had a get away car so they searched homes and backyards in the area in case he was on the run. someone told police they heard a car leave the area so that could have been him. now they are checking local hospitals to see if he towns up -- towns up looking for
5:31 am
treatment. high street will be closed until noon this is an area in and out of the island here. afternoon interesting note before we go, this is not the first time this market has been held up. it was held up eight days ago and it looks very share to this situation. police do not know if it was the same two men but both cases had a lot in common. >> 5:31. developing news where authorities are investigating a police chase that ended in a fail shooting that began when police tried to pull over a driver just after 7:00 last night. the police say the driver tried to run over an officer and jumped out of the car with some kind of weapon and charged the officer. the officer shot the man who is described as a person in his 20's. we want to turn our attention to the weather forecast with the weekend here and we have the warm up mike has been talking about. >> we do, indeed, take plenty of water.
5:32 am
>> we will talk about live doppler 7 hd, it is quiet. as we take a look at the studios, no need for an umbrella unless you shade yourself from the sun with the u.v. index ten today which is very high. a look at a colorful sunrise this morning or the beginnings of it as we look from the east bay hill through the east bay valley you can see limited cloud cover. we will talk to leyla gulen and see if anything is going on. it looks like there is traffic developing on 24. now, the temperatures: 83 to 97 which is quite a spread inland and notice the mid-80's are mostly in the north bay and south bay. 73 to 83 armed the bay and it will be breezy with the clouds sticking to the coast and 60 to 68 in san francisco. speaking of leyla gulen, here she is. >> good morning, everyone. we are looking at more traffic starting to build and not too much on highway 4, we are down to 25 miles per hour, as you
5:33 am
come from antioch and you get into pittsburg you are looking at this jumping up and into concord you are at top speed. in san jose, southbound 880, we did have early road construction and new we have report of an accident involving a big rig and a car that is over on the shoulder. northbound side, look at that, a couple of areas with heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic along 80 westbound from albany to the maze, four short minutes and 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is 15 minutes and 280at 101 is a short drive. the golden gate bridge is looking empty and quiet making the drive from sausalito into san francisco. >> it is 5:33. a $25,000 rearrested is offered this morning in the measure defer an 8-year-old girl who was shot and killed at a sleepover in oakland with a vigil last night and katie marzullo is in the newsroom. katie?
5:34 am
>> crimestoppers and oakland police are offering the reward. police say they are determined to solve the case and making the presence known in the diamond district neighborhood where hey lay was shot and killed. police have parked a mobile command center in the neighborhood and they are handing out flyers are and the police chief went to the scene and talked with neighbors and says this. >> go have some leads but this is one that witness withs are going to be key. >> friends and neighbors came together for the vigil last night singing and supporting each other but this was a moment of conflict when anarchists showed up landing to march and we caught this moment on video two men shouting at an anarchist to leave saying the moment is not for you. >> some community members are calling this shooting a new low in oakland violence. alaysha carradine was speaking at a friend's house and killed when she answered the front door. her friend and the brother and the grandmother were at the door with her and they were injured in the shoot.
5:35 am
>> oakland police would like to you look at new images of vandal whose damaged businesses during the george zimmerman protest. police hope images like this will help them track down the people who broke windows and spray painted graffiti downtown. you do not see faces, police think clothing and other identifiable characteristics could load to more arrests. police are, again, asking anyone who took pictures or video of the vandalism to show them to investigators. >> the mayor coroner -- the san mateo coroner will announce whether a victim of the asiana flight 214 crash survived but died moments later revealing whether 16-year-old ye mengyuan was still alive when she was hit by an airport firing inresponding to the crash. according to the san franciscoen why kill, two sources close to the investigation say that ye mengyuan was alive when hit by the vehicle. the coroner met with the families of all three victims to
5:36 am
notify them of the autopsy results. abc7 news reporter matt keller has more next half hour. >> new problems for the private ambulance company that serves santa clara county. our media partner reports that rural metro missed a crucial $15.5 million bond payment due on monday. industry insiders have reported the company has suffered millions in losses and now is struggling to pay the bills. officials are scrambling for a backup plan if a new ambulance provider is needed in a hurry. in april, county officials reported that rural metro paid $5 million in fines for repeatedly responding for emergencies too slowly. >> to men face possible life sentences after being convicted for their roles in the ban rape of a teen girl. the 16-year-old victim was attacked after she left a homecoming dance in october of 2009. peter and montano had two
5:37 am
different juries and one juror was struck bit ages of those involved. both are found guilty. >> the ages made it really difficult for everyone. they all young kids. all of us have kids. that is the thing that stuck in my mind. >> both peter and montano report to court to be sentenced next month. >> california utility customs could split $100 million if j.p. morgan chase settled over charges the nation's biggest bank manipulated the state's energy market. according to today's "los angeles times" j.p. morgan chase has been negotiating a settlement with the federal energy regular whattory commissions and state energy manager suspected the company was involved in placing deceptive bids in 2011 to profit from energy trading. they say that the scream resulted in $100 million in injust profits and j.p. morgan chase could pay $500 million including penalties.
5:38 am
though word on how much of that goes to the ratepayers. >> are you ready for a weekend warmup? mike? >> well start with temperatures starting in the not by at this time where it is coolest in novato at 47 degrees and petaluma is 50, and we are at 52 in santa rose and san rafael, mill valley, at 53 and 55 sat sausalito and american canyon is 57 and some our cooler temperatures are 52 in san ramon and 55 in lafayette and a change right there with alameda and newark and redwood city at 57, and 58 in cupertino. from the exploritorium this morning, you can see the low clouds hanging around the day planner the next 12 hours and we will have sun in the east bay valley through the morning and 52 to 58 so cool this morning and 56 to 80 with sunshine but the chest by 12:00 and 4:00, 60 at the coast and 90 inland and pleasant this evening.
5:39 am
the next three days, notice how temperatures are going to be warmer tomorrow about the same as today on sunday, and, still, close to average on monday. hope you enjoyed. here is leyla gulen. >> we have stalled cars off the bay bridge as you approached san francisco, this is blocking the number five lane at fremont street and you can see it is not causing any delays headed along eastbound direction and that is where you will find some slowing. as we take you to alameda, where amy is reporting on this shooting overnight, we do have high street closed or shut down until noon between hinge con and central, so you will have detours around that. at walnut creek, here is a look arm from pleasanton hill down to the junction with highway 24 and that is a 9-90 -- nine-minute delay so clear conditions. there could be wind but it is a clear dry the. >> an east bay home is raided by his and who was living inside.
5:40 am
>> u.c. regents confirm a historic choice for the president and some critics risk going to jail to oppose janet
5:41 am
5:42 am
>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> police are searching for three more squatters after a raid on a multi million dollar house in walnut creek. investigators say the home is for sale and was empty for a few weeks. the owner stopped by and realized the key didn't work and a man at the house claiming he was leasing it so the owner went to the police.
5:43 am
>> during that period several individuals broke into the residence and set up a situation where it appears they had a lease agreement and essentially they were squatting here. >> police say they ran background checks on the allege ed renters and two were arrested. police also found an assault weapon in the house. officers had been to the house before at the time the map showed a fake lease. officers left believe it was all legitimate. >> new u.c. president janet napolitano will meet with the man she is replacing to discuss where the university system stands. several protesters were taken out of yesterday's u.c. regents meeting in handcuffs as napolitano was named the 20 the president of the system upset over her stand on immigration as secretary of homeland security
5:44 am
security and is the first woman to become president of the u.c. system and will earn $570,000 a year, $20,000 less than outgoing president the as head of homeland security, napolitano made less than $200,000. >> the implosion of a 13-story cal state east bay building will be used to study a fault line. the implosion will produce an energy similar to a small earthquake 750 yards west of the building. on monday, scientists and volunteers will look for people to let them place temporary monitors on their property. the university is demolishing the 42-year-old hall after it was declared the most unsafe building in the system two years ago. >> the office of senator fine stein is taking steps to jump start the building of a new patent office in silicon valley adding language to a senate appropriations committee to add
5:45 am
a permanent satellite office in the bay area to replace one in menlo park. talks were put on holdover sequestration window cuts but feinstein says they use funds generateed by applications not taxpayers and seven of the top patent producing cities in the country are in the bay area. number one is san jose. >> are those areas and other areas including where you live will be mighty hot today, not what we are used to. >> little bit above average possibly needing the air conditioning throughout, possibly. >> possibly? >> possibly. depends on uncomfortable you are laying on the coach. i will be at the aids walk on sunday and sunnyvale for a baseball tournament tomorrow. three-quarters of a mile in santa rosa right now so it is worse. same as it works down 101 to
5:46 am
novato at two miles and 2.5 miles at half moon bay. we are waiting to find out the delays at sfo. from noon to 11:00 this evening we have winds at 15- to 25-knots through the delta with winds creating choppy conditions. along the coast today, wind at 15- to 25-knots starting at 5:00 through 8:00 tomorrow morning. toward mount diabolo we have a color will sunrise developing and a lack of cloud cover so it will be hottest inland. warm around the bay and it will be mild to cool in some areas at our beaches and storms still watching the threat for next week. today, notice how quickly our inland valleys lose the cloud cover by 10:00 and by 11:00 most of the bay is cleared and by noon we are seeing some windows of sunshine develop in the cloud
5:47 am
deck along the coast. los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy, low 90's and santa cruz, 76 under clouds and mid-to-upper 70's in millbrae and low-to-mid 80's for the let of the peninsula and half moon bay is a warm spot at 63 and daly city and come ma at 61 and 70 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and 83 at petaluma to 90 in novato. look at only 60's at the beaches and mid-to-upper 70's for the east bay shore and in the east bay valley we go from 92 in concord to 97 at brentwood. 50's, again, tonight, and it will cool off nicely and the aids walk san francisco, and sunday's forecast, 54 is the start and 5 by 11:00 and 61 by 1:00 o'clock and 59 by 3:00 so probably need a sweatshirt. warmest temperatures tomorrow and back down to where we are going to be on sunday and
5:48 am
seasonal next week. enjoy. leyla gulen? >> we have the stalled tanker truck along southbound 17 at bear creek but we did have also a stalled vehicle blocking one lane at fremont street off the bay bridge but i could not avoid seeing this traffic. this is the bay bridge beyond treasure island and at this usually hour we have reported friday lite but not friday lite on the bay bridge. it is really building up right now as we make the drive into san francisco. not quite sure if it is because of the stalled car but to a matter of minutes this filled up and you can see it is slower and slower by the second so if you are moving from the east bay to san francisco i suggest you give yourself plenty of extra time. over to you. >> thanks. the white house is considering canceling a summit between president obama and russian president putin this the tall while moscow considers asylum
5:49 am
for edward snowden the n.s.a. leaker. president obama will travel to russia in september for the g-20 summit but officials are not committing to meeting with putin in moscow. they are at odds over the problems in syria. >> the n.s.a. is making sure that this does not have another issue with a contractor like it did with snowden. a top defense foil says that the n.s.a. is implementing antileak measures like a two man rule so contractors have to work with a partner and limiting how many have access to classified information and where it is stored. >> lawyers for the city of detroit are expected to be in court next week to begin working out the details of the city's historic bankruptcy filing. the city made the move yesterday as it was about to default on a large chuck -- chunk of the $18
5:50 am
billion debt the largest city ever to file for bankruptcy and hundreds could be laid off and city services cut. the white house has said rebound and the team are monitoring the situation. >> the number of teachers in california droppinged significantly during the recession with the number of public school educators age 30 or under if grades k through 12 and in community colleges dropped by 19,000 or 40 percent between 2007 and 2012. state educators 40 and over in age fell only 2 percent in the same span. younger teachers are usually the first to be laid off because of state laws that dictate layoffs be based on seniority. >> coming up an app that helps bring a ride today is offering to bring you a tasty cold treat. >> a wet suit that hides you from shack while you swim or surf or kayak.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
>> if you need to beat the summer heat pick up your smartphone, a start-up known for letting people order private drivers in town car using an app is offering an ice cream on demand service today only but you have to order more than one. six cones will run you from $20 to $35 depending on the ice cream. the cones will be delivered by ice cream trucks. they did this last year but the demand exceeded supply and not everyone who wanted ice cream got it.
5:54 am
>> they doing this in 30 cities but of course we only care what they are doing here. >> wouldn't that be great ifment did that for you? >> request is duly noted. >> we will look at walnut creek this morning and you can see that it is hazy but a lot of sunshine. temperatures today are going to be anywhere from two to five degrees warmer-than-average. our management does bring us treats once in a while. now, across the state, the moisture is to the south where it is going to stay with rip current through the weekend around los angeles and san diego 100-degree temperatures through the central valley and we will head up to tahoe where record heat is possible this weekend starting at 91 today and a chance of a thunderstorm on saturday and sunday and low 90's there, again. have a great time. leyla gulen?
5:55 am
>> beside the bay bridge being packed west of treasure island we have a big closure in alameda with high street shut down until noon between lincoln and central avenue all due to an overnight shooting. amendment is on the scene. we have a stalled out tanker truck southbound along highway 17 and it is blocking a lane and the good news is it is not causing delays. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the other side the cash paying lines are loaded up but everything else is smooth. >> thank you, this sunday is aids walk san francisco and abc7 news is a proud sponsor. if you are there you will be able to see yourself on the abc7 news jumbo tron at check point three or tell your friends at home they can watch for you. we will stream it live for you. it is not too late to register by calling.
5:56 am
you can text, too. >> more trouble from boeing 787 dreamliner with a japan airliner runs to boston because of a fuel pump problem. the airline say it was "precautionary" as being grounded from john to april after onboard batteries overheated. the fire break out aboard an empty dream leaving in london last week. >> rover is confirming the martian atmosphere has sprung a leak. air samples show that mars has lost a large part of the original atmosphere and is slowly turning colder. scientists first thought the atmosphere changes in the 1970's were based on evidence from viking but the more advanced sensors on mars provide the clearest evidence. >> company has a wet suit that will protect surfers and divers and swimmers from sharks.
5:57 am
look at this video from the shark attack mitigation system, one version camouflages you in the water businesses on the discovery that sharks are color blind and the other warns the strikes with high contrast black and white saying that is a natural signal that tells sharks you are not a delicious snack. they was tested with tiger sharks but though people were inside of them. more testing is scheduled for the summer but the suits are already on sale. new photos of boston marathon bombing suspect emerge and a police officer is in trouble if that but breaking news from alameda. two man try to problem a store and get an unexpected surprise and how they ended up with gunshot wounds. >> later, from the bay area to detroit, tesla gets the attention of one of the big three american
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. breaking news with a seven on for a suspected robber after a shooting involving an off-duty sheriff deputy. one suspect is dead. the other is on the written. we will go to the scene. >> the shooting death of an 8-year-old girl sparks outrage in oakland as friends and family come together to remember her young life. >> the cover controversy that will not go away we have a if you look at the boston marathon bombing suspect with photos we were never supposed to see. >> 6:00 a.m. on this friday. 6:00 a.m. and the bay bridge upper deck looks like that? what a way to start. we have weather and traffic. mike? >> live doppler 7 hd shows fog on the coast and maybe drizzle and fog through the north bay valley and otherwise it is quiet.


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